An infection of the liver, caused by the hepatitis B virus.

It can be transmitted by infected blood or bodily fluids through open wounds; tattoos, piercing, FGM, during childbirth etc.


- Frequent fever 
- Frequent abdominal pains
- Joint pains 
- Weakness / fatigue 
- Loss of appetite
- Nausea and vomiting
- Yellow eyes
- Dark Coloured Urine


As a Mother and Childminder I NURTURE children in fun and safe environments. As a Midwife I help mothers and babies through the NATURE of maternity care and child birth, safely. I am from Sierra Leone; a nation where half the children catch HBV, where currently HBV kills someone every day. 

Some shocking statistics: 2016 (WHA / WHO): 4,000 deaths / day world wide.
2017 (WHO, Geneva Summit) 1.35million deaths in 2015.
2017 (WHO, Geneva Summit) 325 million living with chronic HBV worldwide.
In Sierra Leone (WHO African Region)  there currently is:

no designated unit to coordinate viral hepatitis-related activities.
No goal / aim set for the management or elimination of hepatitis B.
No specific policy to target mother-to-child or FGM transmission of HBV.
No free Hepatitis B and C tests centres for individuals (apart from children under 5 years born 2006 and above).
No clear policy relating to the prevention of viral hepatitis

among health care professionals.


Hepatitis B infection can cause cirrhosis and liver cancer which could be fatal with late diagnosis or if left untreated.


We Give All provides a befriending service for hepatitis induced liver patients and support for their carers.

We Give All to promote health and wellbeing by raising awareness on hepatitis B vaccination.

We Give All - to raise funds used for the education of health care professionals in vaccination and spreading the word.


My mission to raise awareness of HBV and to eliminate it here in the UK as well as my home country and eventually worldwide is because it is so deadly. 1.35million people died in 2015 worldwide (WHO Summit, April 2017) and sadly my father was one of them. For most patients, symptoms come too late and suddenly after years undiagnosed people get liver cancer in and that is it!

There is no cure for liver cancer, my father survived it for just 4 months. We need to test our people far more than it currently is. We need centres for free testing and vaccinations for ALL in Sierra Leone.
HBV vaccination is human right. We have the tools to tackle HBV, we have a lot of medical staff now from nations who know that the children need protecting - so let us SPEAK UP and ACT FAST.
It is time this epidemic comes out into the open, as the Director General of the WHO,

Dr Margaret Chan reports, ‘HBV has become an urgent public health issue and it is everybody’s business to tackle and eliminate it or else it will eliminate us.


WE GIVE ALL is here to be the

Change we want to see.                                                                        

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